How to A-List


The A-list movement exists in ten countries across the globe:

Brazil, China, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Australia, Rumania, Albania, Turkey, Iceland, and at 30 cinemas in Sweden.

Are you engaged in a film festival
or work for a movie theater? 

Join the movement!

It’s free and creates conversation for change.


How to contribute as a cinema/festival arranger:

  • Place a sticker on posters of A-listed films.
  • Showcase the logo on your website, next to the A-listed films.
  • Trail the 7 second vignette before the A-rated films start.

    To get stickers and the vignette:  

Is the movie A-listed or not?

  • Your distributor can most likely answer the question.
  • You can watch the movie and decide for yourself. Time to put the Bechdel Wallace and Chavez Perez glasses on!
  • On one can browse through thousands of different movie titles that are already rated.
  • E-mail and she'll add you to relevant Facebook forums.

A few tips and pointers

  •  Inform your audience that you’ve started to A-list your films on your website and cinema/movie theatre. 
  •  Make it public. There’s a great interest for A-listed films in media! 
  • Take "behind-the-scenes" pictures when attaching stickers or showing the vignette and mail these to or post them on Instagram with the hashtag #bechdelwallace #chavezperez